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The newsroom telling the truth!

In the latest (and sadly final) season of the wonderful TV series The Newsroom created by Aaron Sorkin receive news channel his big chance to be first with information about a new report from the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) but are shocked by climate researcher clear message about earth’s early doom:

Nothing new if you’ve read IPCC reports, but it is rarely so straightforward on TV in real life. Here is more information about the milestone of 400 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere: NASA, Per Holmgren SVT

Collaborative economy

The movement of the collaborative economy, or message economy, as it is sometimes called, is young and concepts are still under formulation. Within the collaborative economy fit a plethora of under concepts such as peer-2-peer economy, parts of the economy, barter economy, gift economy and loan finance. There are a lot of tips and information about the collaborative economy for those who want to know more.
January is a difficult month for many purely economic. By sharing what we have and apply the tools that the collaborative economy contributes, together we can make use of the resources available. Here are five tips for saving in true shared economy from carpooling platform GoMore year’s poorest week:

1. Travel with others! Carpool, therefore, to travel with others, not only allows you to save the environment, you also save your money because you share the cost of travel. If you do not have your own car; To get a ride is often cheaper than public transport.

2. Rent private! If you are going to travel – check out private alternatives, among other things Airbnb. Around the world, hiring individuals out everything from villas for bikes, and it can clearly be worth checking out when you are careful with pennies!
3. Train for free! Do you like New Year’s resolution to get in shape? Put down the idea of ​​buying a gym membership – it is still expensive and will be full like this after the New Year. In true delekonomianda are now, for example, app-based training solutions all from happy exercisers to exercise freaks gather to cheer and train each other and apps where PT’s putting out workouts that you can enjoy for free!


What is your best saving tip? What would you want to share and how?